"Outfitting You for ALL Your Personal-Defense Needs"
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We buy and sell 
Full Auto Firearms/ Suppressors
Class III / NFA
Surefire Dealer


Our ammo products are a little more expensive, but you'll find they are worth it.  When your life, or your family's life is on the line, do you want the cheapest or the best?

We sell the same ammo we load and use in all of our own personal weapons.  Our 70-year-old Mother won't shoot anything else!  Don't mess with Granny Oakley when she's loaded
with Highwood Creek Outfitters' ammo

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Manufacturers of
Self-Defense Ammunition
Made in Montana, USA

We sell the same ammo we load and use 

in all of our own personal weapons

By the Box or By the Bag

Tom: (406) 781 - 4872
Office: (406) 452 - 6981

About Us 

We outfit you for all of your personal self-defense needs. Our staff has military and law enforcement training. Highwood Creek Outfitters offers one-on-one tactical hand gun training. We carry full-auto weapons, suppressors and other accessories.

We also make handgun ammunition in Central Montana using the finest manufacturing techniques utilizing AmmoLoad Worldwide, Inc. machines.

When Your Life Depends on It... 


         Premium Self-Defense Ammunition 
Outfitting You for ALL Your Self-Defense Needs


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